Well yesterday and today two of us had


Well yesterday and today two of us had a little shoot for the company i work for, which is Futaba Tenneco, who have been doing some fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support by cycling along the Leeds Liverpool Canal. Firstly about 10 or so of the workforce yesterday cycled all the way to Leeds, and then they were being picked up by car, to bring them back to Burnley. And today getting a lift to Liverpool and cycling back to work, so myself and Pete Chadburn took some shots of them leaving yesterday and today arriving back to a warm welcome by their friends and family, which will be either on the facebook group page, on our or their websites. All in all it was pretty good two days work for such a great cause as Macmillian

Tuesday night at the locks

Welcome to our first Blog please forgive the stern attitude within this Blog it is our first attempt at this we promise to improve and to become more laid back as our club is pretty laid back. If you like what we write here then please do feel free to have a look at our website http://burnleycameraclub.com/ we also have a facebook group the address of which can be found later.

Fifteen members turned out at Burnley’s Sion Church on this glorious sunny night, after a few suggestions it was decided we set off for Barrowford locks and Greenfields Nature Reserve

After a little wander through Greenfields nature which is a lovely place and well worth a second more detailed look through at a later date i’m sure of we decided to move on.

Spreading out along the locks we proceeded to snap away,a few were trying some daylight flash portraits, some following the lines on or around the canal but most were taking close up of the workings of the locks. The setting sun added some mood to the images, it also brought the midges out to feast on us…time to go home, as the coffee shop was shut and it was too far and late to nip to Asda for a brew, which as any photographer knows you can never pass up on a chance for a coffee or tea please feel free to take a look at the Camera Clubs facebook for some pictures over the next few days.https://www.facebook.com/groups/145410875488659/
We hope you have enjoyed our first blog, we will improve as time goes on, promise!!